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God said to Moses, "I AM who I AM. This is what you will say to the Israelites:I AM has sent me to you."  [  Exodus 3:14]
I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was,
   [John 8:58]


Truly, all that is needed as a starting point for ‘belief’ is an open mind. I could also say we actually have to be ready to believe. And I must say upfront that we can answer all those questions above with a definite “Yes. In hindsight that result actually surprised analytical old me, I have to admit that! Indeed I found that the evidence had always been available, but I just hadn't tried to look for it.

TheOur faith journeysection of this website (see the menu bar above) is devoted to guidance on how we can come to believe in God AND fully accept Christian faith for ourselves. Actually, as explained in that section, we come to find that evidence-based belief in God is a personal by-product of applying Christian faith to our lives. And positive outcomes in our lives are included within the evidence that highlights Gods presence to us. Incidentally, some of the strongest evidence of Gods actual presence is available to us as individuals in our fellowships of faith, i.e. churches.

The result of this journey is sound faith and the potential for a much more contented, satisfying life: the life that God always wanted for you I might add! If you do want to know how to believe, and begin developing Christian faith, then start with the article, Believing in God. The other sections of the website go on to support the guidance offered there.

I maintain that sound evidence-based belief in God really is possible for anyone. And once we know how to go about it, we need go no further afield than to engage with him and then recognise his presence there within both our day-to-day lives and events in communities of faith.

And sometimes this proof can be quite profound, if we are willing to take the appropriate steps that are on offer. There is no wishful thinking suggested here. And no fairytale gods!

This website also responds to all the usual doubts that the average unbeliever holds. It offers many explanations including of Gods being, Christianity itself, life issues and our universe etc in response to the nay-sayers who, just like me when I was an atheist, offer all the negatives they can dream up to oppose faith and belief.


My name is Pete (alias Whiz my nickname from high school). I am in my late sixties and a retired Internal Auditor, of all things. Indeed a lot of what is written on this website about believing in God and faith is the result of one big living audit of mine performed over a thirty year period. Despite all my research and cautious evaluation over those years, I have found that this faith and belief stuff actually does work just as countless millions before me had discovered. I just want to share how with you.

I have been helped, during my analysis, evaluation and writing over the decades, by so many highly knowledgeable, qualified and experienced friends: Vitay, Stan, David, Roger, Owen, Neil, Bill, John, Marie, Ryan, Kevin, Ross, my wife Vicki and so many others. Thanks so much to you all.

One of those people mentioned above, (Rev Dr) Bill, is actually responsible for one of the articles on this website, Our amazing Bible and I am very grateful to him for his help there. Apart from that article written by Bill, and all the qualified advice and other input from others,
the buck stops with me!” And as far as I am concerned it is all based on sound logic. I assure you that I am a thinker and not a dreamer.


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