God said to Moses, "I AM who I AM. This is what you will say to the Israelites:I AM has sent me to you." [Exodus 3:14]
I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was, I AM."
[John 8:58]
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This is indeed a good question! Actually, it is healthy self questioning. I well remember answering No to it in my own days of  atheism. It took me a long time to come around to testing it out for myself ... to get my head into that place where I was at least ready to believe. You see, this feeling, which was a kind of missing something there inside me, started to prompt questioning thoughts.

So, my first step was to look for evidence of Gods existence. I needed to know how to believe in him. I actually went to Church. It turned out to be less challenging than I had thought too. I read the Bible. Then I applied this stuff to my life: looking for evidence of his presence in the Church and in my everyday life. And I found my fellow church goers and church leaders were there ready to answer my endless questioning.

I surprised myself, I admit it. Even in my early days of faith I came to prove beyond reasonable doubt to myself that he actually was there. And as my relationship with him grew deeper he became all the more evident.


The question above is all about whether there is anything in faith for you, even if God does exist. First off, from my point of view, Ive got to tell you I was pretty surprised when I began to find faith was working for me. I mean, not only was I building a body of evidence, that indicated God did actually exist, but I was also getting a return on my investment from that faith.

Yes, I am saying faith, in a Christian sense, can actually deliver positive outcomes within our individual lives. Greater contentment with life is just one of the spin-offs from Christianity.  Probably the greatest outcome that I found though was personal freedom. Not surprisingly it does come with a cost, which is explained, but my-oh-my the results are worth it!

And yes, he can be there assisting in every aspect of our lives. Just trust him: during day to day life, in the workplace and even during those hard times.

Just like me, I am sure you will find that it is a good idea to care whether God exists!


Now all manner of doubts plaque us, in relations to faith, whether beginners or not. Firstly, there is no problem with having doubts. In fact they actually lead to ever-growing faith if they are confronted and duly examined.

And one of those doubts, that we can hold, is that we ourselves might be too insignificant to be bothering God. The Bible makes it clear that the opposite is the case, and it does not matter what we have done wrong in our past lives either.

God wants us to invite him into our lives. So we must not hesitate to involve him there.


My name is Pete (alias Whiz). I am in my late sixties and a retired Internal Auditor ... of all things. Indeed a lot of what is written on this website about believing in God and faith is the result of one big living audit of mine performed over a thirty year period. I have found that it all works, just as countless millions before me have discovered, and I just want to share how with you.

I have been helped, during the writing and development of this website, by so many highly knowledgeable, qualified and experienced friends: Vitay, Stan, David, Roger, Owen, Neil, Bill, John, Marie, Ryan, Kevin, Ross, my wife Vicki and so many others. Thanks so much to you all.

One of those people mentioned above, (Rev Dr) Bill, is actually responsible for one of the articles on this website, Our amazing Bible and I am very grateful to him for his help there. Apart from that article written by Bill, and all the qualified advice from others, “the buck stops with me!


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