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An overview of how we can find genuine evidence
of God’s presence for ourselves.



I am now quite confident that we all really can answer the question positively for ourselves, Does God exist? But, this does not mean that I have always thought that way. No, I was once a very dedicated atheist. And I still understand how implausible the notion of religious faith is to many people in this day and age. Completely understand!

During my professional career I relied on disciplined analysis and evaluation to succeed. (The whos, hows and whys of this website are presented on the home page.) Given my background, you may be wondering how someone like me came to hold such strong faith and belief. Well, like many other analytical, open minded individuals, I found that if we are willing to really look for evidence and we know how to look, then each one of us should actually be able to prove to ourselves that God exists!

By “prove”, of course, I do not mean to find proof in a scientific sense. Indeed God will never be proven to exist scientifically, because
he prevents it. Rather, when I do write the word “prove”, I mean meet the accepted standard of proof we require to conclude that anything is real within our day-to-day lives. In essence, the average human being accepts things as believable when they locate evidence
supporting the standard of “beyond reasonable doubt”, as far as they are concerned. It is thereby acknowledged by us at that point, through our power of reasoning, to be ‘real’. Actually, belief in God can come to be virtually concrete for us! To say less than that would be a disservice to you.

I do advise though that we all must be sure our belief is in fact based on genuine evidence. We dont want our faith unravelling at a later date, possibly when we need it most.

But, let us get to the subject matter of this section of the website, beginning with this article. It provides an overview of how to recognise  Gods presence in our search for belief in him and the benefits awaiting us. The balance of the section goes on to explain how sound Bible-based Christian faith can be built. It refers to a faith that can lead us to a contented and fulfilling life; real personal freedom. And that is the title of the final article in this section.


Analytical individuals (possibly like you the reader) are often reluctant to accept Christian faith, as a way of life, without first knowing how to actually believe in God; prove to themselves that he exists at all. But, where and how do we locate the evidence?

Like the many millions of Christians who have gone before me, I now understand through my experiences that God ultimately wants a deep one-on-one personal relationship with each of us and to be intimately involved within our individual lives. In effect we need to engage with God; open ourselves to him. Briefly, we connect with him just as he desires of us. And that is where we come to recognise his presence; his existence. Potentially, very clearly! And that in turn bears out what the Bible actually offers us through its advice and guidance.

With guidance, it should be possible for you to identify some subtle evidence of his presence by looking back through your life, i.e. whilst you were still an agnostic or even an atheist. But by deliberately opening your life to him, that evidence will become much more obvious.

Personally I have found more than enough evidence to conclude that, as the Bible highlights, God genuinely tries to assist us in life, and is ready to assist all the more if we completely open our lives to him: commit ourselves to him in faith. Of course there is more to Christian faith than just thinking of ourselves, but none-the-less he emphatically wants to lovingly walk with each of us through life.

In essence this entails a journey based on our developing knowledge of him through the Bible, attending fellowships of faith, and deliberately applying our growing faith to our day-to-day lives. We engage with him through those processes.

Even as I write these words, I know how questionable they may appear, particularly if you are just thinking about trialling faith at this stage.  His presence will be clearly recognisable to you there in your life and it will, I can assure you, positively impact it.


As far as I am concerned ... and I am trying to make it very clear ... he is in effect more than willing to reveal himself, to each one of us, when we do open ourselves to him in the way that he offers us. Actually, the following article titled, A relationship with God explains how this is best achieved.

I have chosen to arrange the actual evidence gathering process on this website, based on my own results, into two specific areas:

Both these areas have a section of this website devoted to them. Just get a quick overview of details from the links above, then take your time to read what suits your needs as time passes. But there are particular sources that provide convincing evidence and I will get to them soon.

Belief in God as a Christian is developed most effectively through utilising the two specific areas, highlighted above, concurrently. Firstly by attending church services to increase our knowledge of God and our potential relationship with him, plus I must add coming to recognise his actual presence there in services. Secondly, by putting that growing knowledge of God, and the relationship available to us, to use in our day to day lives and beyond. That means engaging with him, opening ourselves to his presence and all the benefits that can flow from that. Remember too, that reading our amazing Bible is also an important process in our faith journey.

Getting back to my hint above, I found that actual evidence of Gods presence, that was most convincing to me, was available from two sources one from each of the two specific areas for gathering evidence highlighted above. You can firstly find that level of evidence through involvement in the Born Again/ Charismatic movement of the wider Church. And I am actually referring to what I categorise as tangible or palpable evidence there in the movement. It does not matter what doubts you may have right now, you just need to be ready to believe as you move into that area of the church. The Holy Spirit will lovingly do the rest. Oh yes he will!

Strong evidence of his existence will also become obvious when maintaining a deep ongoing, loyal, obedient and trusting relationship with God. His existence can certainly become very concrete there too when faith becomes that sound. Guidance on developing a relationship like that with God is presented in the section of this website titled God in our lives.

There are certainly other areas to gain evidence in my opinion as well. I have done my best to cover all bases in this website.


But what is in it for us? What can God give us if we do turn to faith? Well, I am saying faith, in a Christian sense, will actually deliver positive outcomes within our individual lives.

His loving care, on both a daily and whole-of-life basis, actually become more and more obvious for us as we travel along in life with him as our companion. He really can affect our lives in a positive sense, through practises like prayer and guidance as examples. Greater contentment with life is just one of the spin-offs from Christianity.  Probably the greatest outcome that I found though was personal freedom.

And yes, he can be there assisting in every aspect of our lives. Just trust him: during day to day life, in the workplace and even during those hard times. Indeed, you can come to trust him with your life.

Although a little harder to explain, I can say that there is also great satisfaction in just holding that relationship with the Lord. It is not easy to grasp ... and I know that from experience ... that the being who holds the universe, and all that exists within it, in place, loves each of us. And he wants us to love him back. Of course that can only happen once you are pretty sure that he is real. As I have been emphasising, that is a lot easier than you might guess too.

Just like me, I am sure you will find that it is a good idea to care whether God exists!

There are formalities to meet during our faith journey, such as committing ourselves to Jesus and trying to lead lives that are not just about ourselves. As I have implied, it will all feel right as it comes together.


In summary then, as far as believing in God is concerned, faith and belief are largely achieved by recognising his loving care and interaction with us as the Bible actually explains. The closer we walk with him in faith, and engage with him as indeed he wants, the more obvious he becomes. And as a result the positive benefits, such as contentment and personal freedom, begin to unfold in our lives.

In effect, we can become profoundly aware of his presence. And as I have already alluded, that is largely what the articles that follow this one, and the others that support them on this website, are about. Of course, there are many other benefits from becoming a committed Christian, not the least being eternal life. The final section of this website can provide a basic understanding of Christianity.

If you feel the need for faith and belief in your life, and you are truly ready to believe, then please read on.

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