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Our Christian faith solidifies, as belief in God
and our knowledge of the Bible grows.



Above all else, when I was an atheist, I considered that belief in Gods existence fell into that area of, “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!” (I also admitted that in the previous article on this website.) So, there was no way that I would even consider accepting Christian faith as a realistic option.

And even though I did subsequently make a deliberate decision to look for his presence; so as to gain faith and belief, I found it hard to totally leave that old outlook behind. If you do read through the articles on this website, youll see that I had little choice in the end. Indeed I can say with total confidence now, there are options available in our search for truth’, through the application of faith, that can lead to very solid evidence. I can assure you that evidence will stand up to sound evaluation ... if that is what it takes for you to believe.

And those results can come to firmly support our acceptance of the complete Christian faith package: a loving God who died for us in the person of Jesus in order to pay for our wrongdoing, our commitment to deeply care about others, and of course eternal life.


The critical point maintained throughout this website is that God does reveal himself to us within our lives, proving his existence there, by providing his loving care to each of us. All we have to do to fully receive this gift from him, and thereby recognise his presence, is to deliberately engage with him; open ourselves to him ... with due reference to the Bible. Even atheists receive his loving care to some extent (through his guidance for example). Of course they would not acknowledge that, because they are simply not open to the possibility of his presence in their lives.

Yes, you can write off the odd example of what appears to be his guidance in your life. And you can disregard the success of a prayer that seemed to be answered, in isolation, against the odds present. But by the time you have reached the stage of having a close, trusting relationship with the Lord  including trying to follow his will, going to church and reading the Bible there should be so much evidence piling up against incredible odds. I am quietly confident that you will find him there in your life if you put the Bible-based guidance, within this website, to the test.

Then there is the potential evidence available in the Church. Even the most mild mannered fellowship of faith will offer you some opportunities to recognise his presence there in that environment. And, the Charismatic movements active relationship with the Holy Spirit? Well ... are you ready? Yes, try it all for yourself and I am pretty confident that you too can hold iron clad belief and faith.

Prior to me trying it, I certainly would have ignored any suggestion that evidence-based belief in God was remotely possible. But here I am now, assuring you that it is definitely is!


Once we get to that stage of firm belief, which relies on Biblical advice for its very credibility, we can then easily accept the balance of the Bibles key messages as briefly summarised in the opening paragraph of this article. We come to enjoy sound Christian faith in this manner!

I have tried to present the simple basis of Christianity in the final section of this website. The first article in that section is titled,Christianity explained”. Sound, open minded analysis of Christianity, through reading the Christian Bible, will as I have alluded lead anybody to recognise that Christianity is indeed very believable as a religion. The article,Our amazing Bible” offers you brief advice on how to decipher it; to grasp its big picture.

You will find it really is easy to accept that Jesus was God incarnate (both wholly God and human being). He is our Lord God and our saviour. Jesus died on the cross to save us from the cost of our sins (wrongdoing). Like him we can therefore enjoy eternal life after physical death. interestingly, a trail of relative information about his life and death begins in the Bible: some written hundreds of years before his birth, other stuff written after his death which mirrors those old writings. And then there are still further writings etched into actual recorded history, documented after his death, to substantiate his lifes basic events (that is in addition to, and supporting, what the Bible tells us).

As the info falls into place, and you can understand how faith solidifies through belief building life experiences, then it is time to make the biggest decision that will face you in life. If you are prepared to actually become a member of the Body of Christ (the Church), live the way God wants of us and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour ... THEN you will more than likely see your life changed significantly for the better.

It all just comes together.

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