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The key steps to beginning our search for evidence
of God's existence and sound Christian faith



Ok, so how do we start to look for all this so-called “evidence” of God raised in the previous article? In the simplest of terms, first and foremost, we need to develop a personal relationship with God and begin to engage him within our lives: connect with him. (This includes joining a community of faith, that is a church).

The God of Christianity, personified in Jesus Christ, is an undreamt of being: all loving, forgiving and self sacrificing. And that incredible being wants a relationship with you. It is through that relationship, and its impact on your church-life and your everyday life, you will identify all the evidence you need to believe in him. The final section of this website provides a basic understanding of Christianity.

It is there, through that relationship with him, that we come to prove God’s presence beyond reasonable doubt. And It is there that we should find all the evidence, based on Biblical guidance, we need to build belief and thus support our faith.

With guidance, it should even be possible for you to identify some evidence of his presence by looking back through your life, i.e. whilst you were still an agnostic or even an atheist.

But by deliberately opening your life to him, that evidence will become much more obvious.

Personally I have found more than enough evidence to conclude that, as the Bible highlights, God genuinely tries to assist us in life, and is ready to assist all the more if we completely open our lives to him: commit ourselves to him in faith. Of course there is more to Christian faith than just thinking of ourselves, but none-the-less he emphatically wants to lovingly walk with each of us through life.


As far as I am concerned ... and I am trying to make it very clear ... he is in effect more than willing to reveal himself, to each one of us, when we do open ourselves to him in this way.

As suggested in the intro, there is a need to join a community of faith: that is, a church. Bear in mind, any church is much more than just a building in which people meet. It is really about the people inside. They support each other, literally as the Body of Christ, through the building up of each others belief and faith and throughout the ups and downs of life itself.

I have chosen to arrange the actual evidence gathering process on this website, based on my own results, into two specific areas:

Both these areas have a section of this website devoted to them. Just get a quick overview of details from the links above, then take your time to read what suits your needs as time passes.

From my perspective, belief in God as a Christian is developed most effectively through fully using these practises concurrently. That is, continually increasing our knowledge of God and our potential relationship with him within a church, then putting that growing knowledge to use with maturing faith, building our personal bond with him ever upwards during the process.

I found that actual evidence of Gods presence, that was most convincing to me, was available from two sources one from each of the two specific areas for gathering evidence highlighted above.

Firstly, you can find that level of evidence through involvement in the Born Again/ Charismatic movement of the wider Church. And I am actually referring to what I categorise as tangible or palpable evidence there. It does not matter what doubts you may have right now, you just need to be ready to believe as you move into that area of the church. The Holy Spirit will lovingly do the rest. Oh yes he will!
(Of course, as an atheist, I could never have seen myself ever writing a paragraph like the one above ... but I have done so now!)

Secondly, strong evidence of his existence will become obvious when maintaining a deep ongoing, loyal and trusting relationship with God. His existence can certainly become very concrete there too when faith becomes that sound. Guidance on developing a relationship like that with God is presented in the section of this website titled God in our lives.

There are certainly other areas to gain evidence in my opinion as well. I have done my best to cover all bases in this website.

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