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god in church


The 'otherworldliness' of events in the Church's
Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement.



I know that even the heading and its description above may rattle some readers. I admit that I had trouble with it in my early days as a churchgoing Christian, let alone when I was an atheist. I had seen this stuff on TV. All that falling over etc. Even as a Christian, I just guessed it was some hysteria sort of thing, i.e. people being emotionally overwhelmed to the point of collapse. And other stuff, like miraculous healing and further gifts of the Spirit ... mmmm ... I had trouble believing any of that was genuine too! (The whos, hows and whys of this website are presented on the home page.)

But ever the pragmatist, and always inquisitive, I decided to attend some of those relevant services, firstly within Pentecostal churches. I had taken time out from my own traditional/ mainline Protestant church to visit churches recommended to me by a work colleague. I was faced with stuff that, if it was real, took me back to what I had read in the Bible about first century spiritual events in the early Christian Church. AND, me being me, Mr Analytical, I knew I had to check it out properly. If it was indeed the real deal, then I had to get in touch with it. Yes, I wanted to actually witness the Holy Spirit in action, if at all possible.

I was not disappointed. I actually witnessed occurrences, relative to the Spirit, that set off a chain reaction of questions in my mind.

Shortly after that exposure, and we are talking about 28 years ago, my own Protestant church offered a multi week course, that finished with a so-called anointing of the Spirit. There was a plan for our church to actually enter the Charismatic movement. Talk about the timing being right! From my point of view, the rest is history.

And no, that falling over stuff is not caused by hysteria. I found clear evidence along the way that categorically ruled that out. I have highlighted that evidence I discovered in the following article within this section of the website.

So ... again ... please read on with an open mind!


This stuff these gifts of the Spirit being applied, the sensation of just being anointed by the Spirit can be so incredible to witness and even more so to experience. From my point of view, it can occasionally take us even beyond the boundaries of our imagination as to what might be possible.

Now, my own brain wiring ensures that I can only accept what knowledge, experience and reason bears out. I am not a dreamer. I am a thinker! My private life and past career testifies to that (again, see the Home Page for the whos, hows and whys of this website). And even so, I am totally confident that these events can only be spiritually based! As such, I mean that I cannot even imagine any other cause. And boy have I tried hard to look for another answer! Faith that cannot stand up to constant challenge is not much use to anyone after all.

All I can say here, at this point, is wait until you face these experiences. If you are open and ready, and you attend these types of services, then you will more than likely receive solid evidence of Gods presence there.

Of course you may not see, let us say, powerful healing miracles at the very first Pentecostal/ Charismatic service you attend. But attendance should at least give you regular exposure to occurrences, which are not logically explainable; supernatural events that were treated as matter of fact in the early Church and recorded in the Bible as such. The gifts themselves including those healing miracles and advice from God spoken through gifted Christians, and how they all manifest themselves, are explained in another article in this website section. I fully realise how questionable this stuff may look to you ... it did to me once ... but please bear with me as you read the following articles.

A close relationship with a particular community of faith, in the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement, over some time will allow you to see God’s deeper purpose within the lives of individuals in the group, and the group as a whole. Of course this happens even in churches outside the movement, but it can be more subtle there.

I am confident to say that if the Spirit is using a particular group of people in the movement, to instruct and improve others within their community of faith, then you will commonly witness these types of events.

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