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How we can build faith and experience
God’s actual presence in the Church.



It is suggested that readers should first gain an overview of how to build faith and belief in God by accessing the article titled, “Believing in God”, before going any further. That article provides a very brief description of how: to learn what God offers us through faith; to create a relationship with him; to understand how and where his presence can effect us; to soundly evaluate evidence of his presence; to walk in step with him through life; find real personal freedom for ourselves.

But, let us get to the subject matter of this section of the website, beginning with this article. It provides an overview of church life’, its benefits, where and how we can experience Gods actual presence there.

It is very important, especially when starting out on the road to faith and belief, that we join a community/ fellowship of faith, i.e. attend church services. Firstly, it is there that we will be guided in gaining knowledge of our potential relationships with the Lord and our fellow human beings. Secondly, and very importantly, we can come to experience his actual presence there. Oh yea, you may well utter at that point. And I must admit, Ive been there, done that. So, stay with me ... please read on!

Ill also admit that it can be daunting to just walk in the door of a church for the first time, but the result can definitely be life changing. There are ways of reducing the challenge. There are a number of courses available for beginners, common across denominations, that teach Christian basics and allow people to enter their churches of choice as part of a group.  The Alpha Course is one example. It is available widely within 100 countries. Many, many churches, of all denominations, make use of Alpha in this way, so be on the lookout for advertising banners.


The article following this one, in this section of the website, provides a more detailed explanation of why attending fellowships of faith is recommended:

  • to gain knowledge of Christian faith and its application to life,
  • to become an actual member of the church through Baptism,
  • to gain the positive benefits of faith in our lives,
  • to personally witness and experience genuine evidence of Gods presence there.

Again, that last point above may be a bit hard to accept right now, but ... well ... you may, like I did, have some unexpected surprises ahead.

The primary aim of this website is to help readers come to believe in God, and comfortably settle into Christian faith as a result. So, the third article goes on to provide guidance on what type of church should suit you, in that regard. Subtle evidence of Gods presence, there in those fellowships, is always available when you know how to recognise it. More powerful evidence and I confidently refer to it as tangible can be found in churches that belong to the Born Again/ Charismatic movement.

The contents of this section of the website, beginning with the fourth article, gets into the real interesting stuff, i.e. gods actual presence in church: tangible evidence that is. Obviously, from my point of view, this is of great importance to our belief building journey. If you wish to go straight to that subject now, then begin reading at, Experiencing the Holy Spirit and then examine the other guidance and explanations in this section of the website later.

If doubts are threatening your ability to even consider that God actually participates in church services, please bear with me. As I have hinted in this article already, I was an atheist myself for a lengthy period and these types of events really offered a firm foundation for the sound belief in God that I now hold. The multi week Alpha Course, mentioned above, also sensitively introduces the Charismatic movements message and practises within its duration. I mean that God can, if he chooses, actually make his presence obvious to course participants.

Having said all that, I also remind you that faith should not be left at the door when leaving the weekly church service. The regular use of faith in day-to-day life is also extremely important for building belief in God. The article,Gods presence in our lives, briefly explains how we can recognise the presence of God in our everyday lives through the actual use of faith. We do this by inviting him into all aspects of our lives: benefiting from that relationship in many ways; continually growing in our beliefs; enhancing our two-way relationship with him as explained in the Bible.


Recapping then, in order to build genuine belief in God and sound faith, that will endure, we must apply ourselves to both available areas of development, firstly by joining a community of faith and secondly through the use of faith in our day-to-day lives. This section of the website clearly focuses on that first area.

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