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Analysing the sensation of being 'touched' by the Holy Spirit,
and the manifestation of his gifts,
in the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement



I have already admitted in the previous article that I doubted the sincerity of people who spoke of marvels happening in this type of Christian fellowship, within the movement. I was a member of the Christian Church. I had faith in God. He had proven to me beyond reasonable doubt that he existed within my life. I had also accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. But, I really was sceptical about miraculous healings etc still happening during that time. And all that falling over? Well, I got to see it; indeed experience it all for myself. Great stuff! And, as I often state, there can be no physical reason for it as far as I am concerned. I will explain why later in this article. (The whos, hows and whys of this website are presented on the home page.)


The same enquiring mind, that a decade before had drawn me into mystical experiences (religious meditation) – discussed in the article, “So, what is God?” – led me to accept the opportunity of being touched by the Holy Spirit when it arose. And what did that feel like? Well initially, to be honest, nothing like what I had expected or hoped for! People around me began to mutter in tongues so I knew something was underway. Yes I was ready, but I was also a bit anxious and having trouble opening myself up to the Spirit. To make matters worse, someone was trying to talk to me while all this was happening. I could feel a little flutter going on in my tongue. ... maybe the gift of tongues was coming my way ... I thought it just might happen for me ... but I could not be rude to that person. So, it all seemed to fall apart.

My wife and I kept in close contact with that community of faith and amazing stuff did happen for us. I have detailed some of those experiences in the article, Gifts of the Spirit.

And the next time (i.e. my second) I had the opportunity for an infilling; to be touched, things were different! I was ready and I was able to open myself in anticipation. I wanted it to happen! Nothing could have prepared me for the depth of that full blown experience: the truly unexplainable filling sensation, the massive high, the primary knowledge of what was causing it!

On another occasion whilst a clergyman within a Protestant church anointed my forehead with oil during a spiritual healing service the overall sensation included the unexpected and powerful thick feeling of being filled with warm oil. It felt like it was flowing into the top of my head, then going down through me to immerse my entire being, from within, to a state of overflowing. In other words, I was highly affected from the strength of that experience. Interestingly, the experience is identified very simply in the Old Testament (written well before Jesus birth), You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” (Extract from Psalm 23:5.) So it was not anticipated by me at all. It did not relate to any verses in the area of the Bible that details Charismatic experiences, lets say the Biblical book of Acts or 1Corinthians. And, I have since heard from one other Charismatic Christian who similarly experienced the same mega sensation during an anointing.

I must explain here, before going on, what is meant by anointing with oil. It is performed by running a finger, just dipped in blessed oil, across the forehead of an unwell person. Within Christianity, the oil is spread in the form of a small cross.

Getting back to the details: as stated, I was not expecting any sensation at all from my healing; did not even know that the clergyman was a gifted’, so-called Charismatic”, prior to that time. And it was actually one of those examples that showed me clearly that the sensations of Charismata are definitely not created by hysteria. Obviously, that particular experience of mine had happened without even an expectation on my part. None! In fact, it simply amazed me.

I went on to clearly discover that if one Christian from the movement does lay hands on, or anoints with oil, another Christian from the movement it will likely open them to experience a spiritual touching from the Holy Spirit during the process. However if a Christian, who is not in the movement, lays hands on (or anoints) a Christian, who is in the movement for healing then they will not experience it. That is also further evidence that these experiences do not rely on emotions or the like.

I am meaning that it is impossible to know who is in the the movement and who is not, when we Christians just look at each other. If I have permission from a fellow Christian to lay hands on or pray for them, I do not say, Oh by the way, I am member of the Charismatic movement before doing so!

To make it even clearer to you, I have personally laid hands on many Christians for healing, and only those Christians who report they are members of the Charismatic movement, after the event, have actually had an experience of the Spirit as a result. I have never had a Christian, who is not a member of the movement, mention they have had that same experience, when I laid hands on them. Bear in mind too, it is not us so called Pentecostal/ Charismatics who make each other have these experiences. No indeed, that has to be the Spirit himself. He clearly likes to lovingly touch/ anoint us in that way to reassure us of his powerful and holy presence when the chance arises.


And what of the gifts of the Spirit? You may think, like I once did, can they even be even remotely for real? Well ...

The most impressive gift to be observed is actually miraculous healing. I would have balked at the thought once, but I can now say that is impressive because it is indisputable. If you, or someone closely known to you, is genuinely healed of an obvious physical impairment right there and then in a Pentecostal/ Charismatic church service, or maybe even at an Alpha Course” (available in 100 countries), then you have to acknowledge that something seemingly impossible has happened. I have given instances, to which I have been a witness, in the article, Gifts of the Spirit.

Now I do not expect readers to just accept what I have written. It is stated in that article mentioned above so that you know where to go in search of it for yourself. And you must enter appropriate Christian fellowships of faith, or even attend an Alpha Course, to actually see it for yourself. I mean if you want to believe in God and go on to build sound Christian faith for yourself, then this is one available method with real clarity.

And to be on the receiving end of say words of knowledge or a prophecy can be quite dramatic too. These words spoken by God, through a gifted speaker, will rattle your cage and make no bones about it. They are so clearly about you that there can be no doubt about it when it genuinely occurs.

Man oh man, this stuff really delivers evidence of Gods existence; his presence in the person of the Spirit. It really does!

(Again, the whos, hows and whys relating to the development of this website are presented on the home page.)


Do not be concerned if that second full blown experienceof being touched by the Spirit looks too much for you personally, i.e. it puts you off from trying it for yourself during your Christian journey of faith. Some other Christians, who have told me of their experiences of being touched by the Spirit, described much gentler experiences. I have, for example, heard reports of people just receiving a strong sense of peace when touched by the Spirit. And one of them actually received a healing gift along with that sense of peacefulness.

My guess, and it is no more than that, is that the Spirit touches each of us in the way that is right for us individually. So from my experience, and that of others, please do not let anxiety or fear of the unknown stand in your way of opening yourself to the Spirits presence.

The same applies to fronting a healing service, or making yourself available to words of knowledge or prophecies.

We are, after all, opening ourselves to our loving God there in all these experiences. Do not lose track of that fact. The Spirit will not harm you. He knows that you are there in that fellowship with the intention of building stronger belief in him. He will personally assist you in that regard. Trust him!

Indeed invite him to include you in events, Come Holy Spirit. I have even just pleaded silently in a service, Me Lord, me Lord when the Spirit began to work through a pastor there. And it came to pass.

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