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How to find contentment in our careers and day to day jobs
through God's guidance and assistance


As I wrote in a previous article, in this section of the website, one of the best examples of Gods helping hand (providence) in my life was his assistance during my career. Without doubt, he is interested in our jobs, just as he is interested in all other facets of our lives. Out of his love for us, he actually wants to be involved.

Firstly though, bear with me. I feel it necessary to explain Gods expectations with regards to our jobs. The Bibles New Testament (e.g. Colossians 3:23), explains that we are expected to do our best within our employment. In short, we should do what we are paid to do, and to the best of our ability. I fully realise that we do not all have jobs that we enjoy, but we are still expected to do our best. There can be satisfaction in that alone, as I well know from boring jobs that I have held, if we achieve our best when we know that God wants it of us! It pleases him.

Having said that, we have all been formed with our own particular abilities, often driven by our genetics. We are basically who we are. Now God knows exactly what we are capable of, and can at least assist us with his guidance into that direction. And when we do follow that guidance, then his providence (his helping hand) will be released there in varying degrees. Note that there are other considerations, influencing his helping hand, such as our obedience to him. I suggest reading the article, Trusting God with your life.

I can say with confidence that God eventually led me from a career direction of safe and secure boredom with little self satisfaction to a path where my abilities were actually of value to the community and I gained high job satisfaction. I accepted some hard leadings as I went though. I had to, for example, accept positions of higher responsibility yet less pay, rather than other cushier job options available to me. My confidence in Gods guidance within my career, and my trust in him, gradually grew stronger as I continued to put faith to the test in that area of my life. I have no doubts that I was rewarded by him for doing so.

Finding the best way forward in my job, that would deliver positive outcomes for my public/ civil service organisation and its often vulnerable clients, also became much more obvious under his leadings. And of course I specifically prayed for guidance on occasions. As my career progressed further I came to completely accept that I could genuinely count on his assistance, i.e. I trusted him implicitly.

Remember that my work life was coupled with my church life, and as a Christian within the Born Again/ Charismatic movement at that time, I had seen some pretty wild stuff proving that God was present there in the Church. This also included personal guidance from God (words spoken through a gifted Bishop and others) in that environment. Again ... I understand how far fetched that may also seem ... but please have a look at some of the articles relating to the movement (e.g. Gifts from the Spirit etc) to see what I mean.

Bear in mind too that Christian-based ethics also played a role in my work decisions. All of us in the workplace must concentrate on the needs of our fellow workers and our clients/ customers, and follow Gods guidance in this regard when performing our responsibilities. It is expected by him. Again this relates to following God's will.

And let me make it totally clear that I am certainly not trying to present myself as special. I know that I am not. Rather I am hoping to demonstrate to you how God can lead an ordinary person to truly exceed what they assume is their human potential. With regards to career choices, I emphasise that it does not matter what our job might be, as long as it adds some value to the community, God will assist in it.

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