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god in our lives


How to gain contentment during daily life through
the use of faith and trust in God



Importantly, please read the small article, Sound Faith” before going on, if you have not already. It offers a framework for: building that level of sound faith, proving Gods existence for yourself as a result of applying that faith to your life, and receiving the potential benefits of his power there as a result!

Once we do start to see how life experiences and faith fit together, the genuine wonder of it (and its outcomes) begins to become apparent. Remember though, the more we use faith, the more of it we get. That is, the more we put our growing faith to work, the faster we will come to believe in God. And I am writing about evidence-based belief.

Also bear in mind that it is ok to have occasional doubts along the way. This is to be accepted as healthy self questioning. If faith is to endure, we must go into it with our minds open. The article, How to deal with doubts has been dedicated to the subject.

We Christians know that the closer we walk with God (i.e. engage with him), the more definite the evidence of his presence will be in our lives. By this I mean: trying hard to be obedient to our Lord; looking for his guidance there in life and making decisions accordingly; strengthening our relationship with him through maturing prayer; involving him fully in all areas of life through prayer and trust; regularly attending church services; reading the Bible to continually grow our knowledge of the basis of faith.

Honestly from my decades of experience Gods existence; his presence in our lives, can become virtually concrete when following those steps above. And I have taken the time to discuss the subject with other Christians. Those who stated to me that they had followed a similar faith journey to me, strongly agreed with my judgement on it. That is, it all works for them too. Look ... the promises are there in the Bible! That book proves itself when put to the test, I can assure you.


Let us have a look at how we can actually draw closer to the Lord, through obedience and developing our trusting relationship with him. We are in fact shifting up a gear in our faith journey by doing so.

With regards to obedience as raised above, I mean trying hard to live ... well ... a life based on the word of God (the Bible) as it applies to us. Essentially, that means trying to live the kind of life that God desires of us, a life that is essentially not just about me. Note that you are not expected to be perfect. It also requires us to spend time with him: enhancing our relationship with him particularly through maturing prayer.

Speaking from experience, a life lived in this manner has a number of benefits for us: it makes us feel more comfortable in our relationship with God; it creates a sense of contentedness and self satisfaction in us. Overall, we just become closer to him, and all that flows from that, as a result. From the Bibles New Testament (the Jesus bits) as Jesus himself advised:

        Whoever has my commands and obeys them,
        he is the one who loves me.
        He who loves me will be loved by my Father,
        and I too will love him and show myself to him.
        [John 14:21]

God demonstrates his love and his gratitude for our obedience, in ways that further reveals his presence in our lives; his reality. Also from the New Testament:

        Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us,
        we have confidence before God,

        and receive from him anything we ask,

        because we obey his commands and do what please
s him.
        [1 John 3:21-22]

I am not saying that entering this type of trusting relationship with God is effortless. It is easier to do so when we have got ourselves to a position where we have begun to actually believe in him at least; to recognise him there within our fellowship of faith (our chosen church) and our everyday lives. When we are at this stage of faith and belief, then it is time to try moving even closer to him in trust.

I advised in the article, A relationship with God, that we firstly need to accept through faith that God really is there. Now at this point of that relationship, i.e. moving even closer to him in trust, we are better served by accentuating that sense of having him with us. It is explained in the Bible just how close his presence actually is:

        For in him we live and move and have our being.
        [Acts 17:28 extract]

His presence as such is absolute. My advice is to grasp that description: through faith to feel him there. And as Christians we look towards Jesus, letting the Holy Spirit guide us in that. Our aim is to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Sounds like a huge sacrifice? Well, it is not. It is there that holiness and peace enters our lives. Big time! The simple basics of of our religion are expressed in the article, Christianity explained”.

I can certainly say that my belief of Gods presence in my life, and the love that I have for him, has been substantially empowered through my use of trust. In essence a deep trusting relationship on our part opens the door for God to apply all of his potential loving care to us. That again does not mean bad stuff will not happen to us or our loved ones though. What I actually mean is God will lead us to our full potential; make our lives more complete and purposeful. And yet again this has no bearing on gaining financial wealth or the like.


So, if we are to genuinely walk in trust with God on a daily basis, where and how should we start? Well, I suggest you just begin your walk with him by opening yourself for short periods at first. Accept through faith that he wants to engage with you in your day; ready to provide his loving care. Yet again, I will be surprised if you do not find that a day, or even hours, spent deliberately walking with God completely opening yourself in trust to his presence in your life will roll along much more smoothly and productively than normal. Sometimes, as I have often seen it,  the outcome may actually be quite profound, but that depends on what you are trying to achieve in your endeavours.

As a starting point, for walking in trust, we carefully look for his guidance in our day. If we are genuinely on track in this regard, we can then expect his loving care; his helping hand to become evident. If you like, have a look at the article God’s helping hand. It explains how God assists us, removing barriers, through divine providence (i.e. his helping hand) when we follow his guidance in life.

Remember again (and I keep repeating this), it is not just all about me! It is not about laziness either. In that day you might work on a home project for your family or a challenging job at work; help out a neighbour, school friend, co-worker, relative or even a stranger ... whatever. I will say too, that Gods helping hand is even more obvious when we go out of our way to actually help others.

If you put in the effort, open and relax yourself to Gods presence as you perform your obligations, then he will assist. Dont forget to let other people know that God deserves some credit for success when it happens though.

Do not worry, during this process of testing the waters, if something doesnt go as originally planned by you: chat with him, feel positive in his power, calmly let events unfold in the way that they do again in complete trust. From the Bibles Old Testament:

        Trust in the Lord with all your heart
        and lean not on your own understanding.
        [Proverbs 3:5]

As in my case, you will normally find that any change, in contrast to your actual expectations, was always going to lead to the best outcome for overall success. I can definitely say he wants to help. So be ready, as totally open to him as you can be, and relaxed about events as they unfold. And I mean really relax, in total trust. In other words, be totally confident in his desire and ability to assist you. It will happen for you, I am almost certain!

Gradually, gradually, build up your practise of trusting him. Walk with him through the whole day, as soon as you can relax into that. Increase the regularity of your chats with him as you get the chance. Hand over problems you are facing etc ... confide in him about them. The article, Prayers of request offers principles that may apply here too.

You will come to clearly recognise his power as it is released into your life as time passes. It might not happen in the first week or month, but gradually your faith and belief will increase in strength as contentment in that trusting relationship increases. The final step is to hand over your lifes direction to him.

Continue to the next article, Trusting God with your life.