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faith and reason


Belief in God and Christian faith can both
be based on sound reasoning.



There has been much said and written to oppose the path of Christian faith, particularly by the New Atheism Movement. In all honesty, I was a pretty good atheist in my day, so I know how it works. And I still completely understand how the knowledge, and acceptance, of faith held by believers in this day and age can look too good to be true, as far as the average unbeliever in concerned!

However, now after decades of practising Christianity I also know my old attitude was way off course. This
Faith and Reason section of the website has been written to logically challenge the inaccuracies of an atheist worldview. For examples: modern science and moderate religious theology are not in conflict, believable theories about Gods nature are available, the differences between the major religions of the world can be explained to a large extent, and suffering and evil in this world does not disprove that God exists.

Yes, faith and reason can get along quite well, thank you!


Truly, all that is needed as a starting point for ‘belief’ is an open mind. I could also say we actually have to be ready to believe. The Our faith journey section of this website is devoted to guidance on how anyone can come to believe in God and build sound Christian faith. Of course, that belief must be based on genuine evidence and sound reasoning! Essentially, we search for evidence of Gods existence. And we need go no further afield than to engage with God; open ourselves to him. As such we can then recognise his presence within both our day-to-day lives and events in the Church itself. We just have to know how to enter into a relationship with God, then identify and analyse this evidence.

And trust me, sometimes evidence can be profound, if we are willing to take the appropriate steps that are on offer. As an ex-atheist I again concede this may all look a bit too good to be true, but bear with me and read on with that open mind I referred to earlier.


There are many misconceptions about Christianity held within the broader community. For example, recorded history does not supposedly substantiate that Jesus even existed, let alone died on a wooden cross. Wrong! It is recorded, according to mainstream historical scholars. And again, there is supposedly no way for us to prove to ourselves that Christian faith can have a sound basis. Wrong! Millions of us Christians have actually put it to the test in our lives and now have sound workable faith with many positive benefits.

When truly understood and practised, Christianity has the capacity to significantly change lives for the better. With that in mind, the essence of Christianity is presented in the final section of this website.

Whereas this Faith and Reason section of the website includes an explanation of what God is, the Christian basics section includes an understanding of who God is. Oh, I might add that all major Biblical jargon, such as saved, grace, redeemed, justified is also explained there.

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