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faith and reason


All that is needed to start building belief
in God is a truly open mind


ue to Gods invisibility within our world, it is almost certain that doubts about faith can occur from time to time for even committed Christians. So, those with no exposure to Christian faith and belief will have so many more doubts about it all.

Doubt is certainly not a bad thing in itself because if properly examined and evaluated, as it arises during our walk of faith, it should lead to ever stronger belief. The article, Dealing with doubts has been devoted to the subject in this section of the website.

Religious denial on the other hand offers no hope of belief or faith. I maintain that atheism in itself is baseless because there is no evidence available, and never will be, to prevent the possibility of Gods existence. Now atheists could say the same about Gods existence, i.e. belief in it is baseless. And I can place myself in their shoes, because I did spend many years as a strong willed atheist! But if, as was the case with me, they have never looked for that evidence; never tried faith for themselves, then their argument is in a fatally flawed position.

Truly, all that is needed as a starting point for belief is an open mind.  We actually have to be ready to believe!

This website offers guidance on how we can prove to ourselves that God actually does exist and explain what Christian faith is all about. Yes, I am unapologetically stating here that once we know how, then we can come to believe in God.