God said to Moses, "I AM who I AM. This is what you will say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you."
Exodus 3:14]

I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was, I AM."[John 8:58]

This website contains moderate Christian views and promotes religious tolerance.


I have presented here my motivation for creating, and method of developing, this website that I have titled, “About-I-Am”. I have also offered something about myself.  A method for contacting me is also included at the bottom of this web page.

What’s in a name?

Why call the website, “About I AM”?

Well, look to the left of these words, and you will see that “I AM is the name that God gave for himself, when asked by Moses [Exodus 3:14]. Jesus again used the term in a provocative manner to proclaim his divinity, i.e. he was God incarnate [John 8:58]. I think it is a pretty smart self title by God, as you may agree if you read the article, So, what is God?”. 

Who is the author?

Who am I, the author of these website articles? As far as I am concerned, my full name means nothing here. But, because you may wish to think of me as a person with an identity, I refer to myself as Whiz”. (I was given this nickname at high school, over fifty years ago, but have not been known by it since leaving.)

I am a married male with a grown family, and am also a grandfather. I am a retired professional.  I started my civil/ public service career as a ‘bean counter’. During the 1970s and much of the 1980s accountancy was quite a boring profession, by comparison to these days. I shifted to a line of specialised professional work, Internal Auditing, that called for objective assurance and consulting, i.e. lots of analysis and evaluation: ‘right up my alley’. I stayed on that path for fifteen years.

During the last three years of my career I reported directly to the CEO (and relevant executive committees) of a diverse and complex organisation of some 10,000 employees. It had an annual budget in excess of a billion dollars.

From your point of view, i.e. as the reader of the articles on this website, what does it mean to have an author who was a qualified, trained and experienced auditor? Hopefully, it provides me with some nominal credibility (more on that later).

Why did I create this website?

I have used my spare time over the last thirty plus years to build and polish my knowledge on the nature of God and his relationship to us and our world, as well as keeping abreast of the natural sciences.

More importantly, after decades of searching for evidence of God’s existence through my own life experiences and various religious practises, I have developed very strong faith in God. My enquiring mind has continually tested that faith through the years. (The effective analysis of doubt should play a major role in anyones ‘faith’.)

At the start of my faith journey, given my evidence-based approach to life, I never considered that I would come to my present position. My belief in Gods existence is just so definite!

Whilst having personal faith and belief myself, so strongly based on knowledge and experience as I have made clear, I have been deeply concerned that others seem to struggle with these issues and are unable to locate answers.

So the articles on this website have been developed to provide access to relevant information for you and others who seem compelled to understand: ‘who and ‘what’ God might be; how we can actually come to ‘believe in him’.

I have also done my best to provide a brief overview of  the Christian religion, firstly because I consider that people may initially be put off attending church services or applying the religion to their lives, if they fear that it could be too hard to understand. Secondly, some understanding of the Bibles message is necessary during the process of gathering evidence that I have already mentioned. As you will see, Christianity has simple core truths that can be grasped relatively easily.

What is my claim to credibility?

Whilst I have been involved with church ministry in various ways as a lay person for many years, I have never been a member of the Christian clergy. I am not a pastor, priest, vicar, minister, reverend etc. None-the-less I have experienced what I consider to be a full spiritual life. And because I am not an ordained member of the clergy I have been able to move through, and participate within, most significant areas of the wider Christian Church. I consider that I can therefore make comparisons and report to you with true independence in that regard.

The website contents are largely based on my Biblical research and analysis together with my own life experiences (which are not necessarily special). But I have also received assistance from members of the clergy, from a number of Christian denominations, during the course of my writing. Indeed I have been blessed with assistance from two advisers with Doctorates of Theology (ThD) over my years of religious writing. One assisted me in my early days of writing, the second in more recent times (2016). So, I am quite confident about the theological quality of the articles presented on this website.

Now, you may not as yet have faith in God. And you might be accessing this website as part of your exploration into the possibility of God’s existence. If so, bear with me when I say that I have witnessed and indeed experienced for myself, on many occasions, evidence demonstrating the presence of God in this world; within our everyday lives. That evidence, analysed within a sound Biblical  framework, has proven to me that God does indeed exist. Again, when I was an atheist I would not have even considered that I could come to that position, and so strongly. But I have done so and after an awful lot of deliberation ... you know ... me the auditor, and all that kind of stuff!

I now confidently know that God can be recognised clearly both within church events and our day-to-day lives. And within some areas of the greater Church his presence can be quite dramatic. Hopefully, my past professional background, as already mentioned, may at least encourage you to read related articles on this website; and fully consider their value as guidance for your own search.

Also bear in mind that my past professional work, that demanded a high standard of defensible documentation, has made me a very cautious writer. I will not report any situation, or provide advice, without a high level of surety in what I present.

How and when to contact the author

Just CLICK below on the last line of this page. An email, addressed to the author of this website should soon open on your screen. If not, look for a prompt in the bottom margin of your screen, and again CLICK on that to open the email.

If any questions occur to you as you read website articles, or articles do not fully address issues you may have, then feel free to contact me. I will answer you as time permits.

I would also appreciate any feedback, whether positive or negative.


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